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Smart Shield Pest Control Professional is providing comprehensive general public health and structural pest control services for residential, commercial & industrial sector in Pakistan since 1987. We confidentially claim that we know about pest habits & biology therefore we offer most effective treatment program for all kinds of pest problems with GUARANTEED RESULTS & CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION.

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Name Smart Shield Pest Control Professional
Location of the Company a) Office 204, 2nd Floor, Imperial Hotel Building, MT Khan Road, Karachi

b) Rawalpindi: 10-A, Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Saddar

Number of Staff on Permanent Role a. Ghulam Mustafa                                Manger Operations

b. Rehmat Ullah Afridi                           Chief Accountant

c. Jalal Ahmed                                       Supervisor

d. M. Amir                                              PCO

e. Maqbool Ahmed                                 PCO

f. Babar                                                  PCO

g. Ayaz Ali                                              PCO

h. Babar Ali                                            PCO

Details of the Equipment, Machines for Carrying out job a. Hammer Drill Machines (heavy duty)                             10

b. Triget Fogger                                                                   7

c. Thermal Fogger                                                               2

d. Compressor Sprayers                                                     8

e. Motor Sprayers                                                               2

f. Trolley Mounted Sprayers                                                 2

g. knapsack Sprayers                                                         2

h. Ultraviolet Rays Rat repellent Machine                          1

i. Electric Generator                                                            2

j. Water Pumps                                                                 3

k. Jell Applicator                                                                1

l. Toll Box                                                                         2

Materials, Chemicals, Pesticides using for all Services We are using the pesticides or chemicals approved from

a. WHO (World Health Organization),

b. FAO (FOOD Agriculture Organization),

c. USDA-FS(United State Department of Agriculture-Forest Services)

Registration or Enlistment with other companies Approved Pest Control Operator  (PCO) of

a. Bayer DAS (pvt). Ltd Subsidiary of Bayer AG Germany and Dow groSciences-USA,

b. Approved agent for rodenticide application, formulation, and marketing of Tea Geak Corporation of Korea.

References Furnished upon request.

1.) Cracks & Crevices Treatment: Crack & Crevices applications involve the placement of small amount of insecticides into crack 8, crevices in which insects hide or through which they may enter a building. Typical crack & crevices that may harbor insects include floor & walls, expansion joints, cracks in shelving 8, cabinetry, door hinges & door frames, cracks between paneling & walls, cracks that lead into voids in walls, ceilings, & all types of equipment. Crack 8, crevices treatment is ideal for German cockroach control, which spends approx. 75% of its time in cracks & crevices near stoves, dishwashers, & other warm, 8, other warm, moist areas. The crack & crevices treatment includes the use of sprays, dusts, or baiting (gel application).

2.) Lacquer Application: All cracks or crevices around the wooden fi.ure, in the walls or on the floor will be filled with special binding agent made with residual insecticide. As the special past is applied in and around the wooden fixtures, draws, cabinets, etc when dries will act for long period of time and there will be safety for people around. This application is a supplementary to residual spray.

3.) Gel Application There will be gel application for the control of cockroaches. The fell acts as bait that attracts the roaches and when bait is eaten by them they got killed. The advantage of gel application is that it can be applied in areas food storage or processing areas like kitchen inside fridge. The gel application is also a supplementary treatment to general cracks and crevices treatment as it only kills the cockroaches and it decomposes early in high temperature and in sunlight.

4.) Perirneter treatment A perimeter treatment is used to control & prevent entry of outdoor occasional invaders. Perimeter treatments are made to thresholds and other entrances, the foundation the soil adjacent to the foundation, under brushy vegetation, & other areas around the building where pests may hide or gain entry. A perimeter treatment is necessary to check the flying insects like flies, mosquitoes and crawling insects like ants that get entry into the hotel building. There are thermal fogging and general spray application all around the building like garbage area, parking area, pool area, all vegetation or plants etc

5.) Misting (Fogging) Misting is suitable technique for controlling flying and crawling insect pests misting will be done in all rooms the advantage of misting is that the insecticide penetrates into cracks, crevices and partition walls that are not reached by residual sprays. So its suggested that after the residual spray it must be followed by misting or fogging.

6.) Dusting: The dusting technique is applied to dry areas, electrical installations, in cracks, crevices, paneling, baseboard, in ducting. The dust clings to the steel surfaces and wooden surfaces that remain there until it is physically removed from the surface and if rteemed there should be reapplication.

7. Baits (Rat or rodent/fly control): Baits are designed to attract pests and kill them. They can be used in dining rooms and kitchens where pests congregate or search for food. Commonly the fly baits are used to control flies. To control rats in the building, bait stations will be established in and outside the hotel. The bait is normally broken cereal grains coated with rodenticide. Our professionals will monitor the station on regular intervals. This is to inform you that we will use two techniques to control the insects

by using cornbination of above methods to control the pests. The 1. technique is known is as Flush out treatment,  used for 1. three months in which there will be regular and more frequent application to bring the insect population down to normal level. And then there will be Maintenance Treatment for rest of the months.

List of Pesticides for used for nest management (recommended by WHO, U.S.A.)

Please note that all the pesticides we will use are approved from WHO & FAO wft: 1. List of insecticides for flying & crawling insects: Pvrethroids:  Permethrin, deltamethrin, Betacyflothrin, larndacyhalothrin Alpha cypermethrin, cypermethrin Organophosphate (OP):  chlorpyrifos, DDVP, 2. List of Rodenticide: nrodifacoum, Zinc.5