Smart Shield pest control is an ISO certified manufacturer and exporter of high quality material & chemical for roof heat proofing, roof insulation and thermal insulation coatings by the name of Isothane. With today’s high energy prices design engineers have greater interest in reducing energy consumption by increasing energy efficiency. In looking for cost efficiencies, there is growing interest in the use of roof insulation in Karachi Pakistan. Isothane is a top quality set up to apply roof heat proofing chemical, can be utilized as roof heat proofing bareer. Isothane can reduce room temperature upto 45% and due to that you can save energy cost up to 50% Our roof insulation chemical, Isothane is guaranteed to Isothane the coating you need for your roof application. Whether you’ve a boat with condensation subjects, or a manufacturing plant, office or building that demands to keep energy prices low, ISOTHANE can assist. Now a day’s people have different questions in their mind that how to reduce internal temperature? How to decrease energy cost? What is the best product for roof heat proofing in Karachi Pakistan? So answer for all these questions is ISOTHANE. Contact us today to learn more about our thermal insulation material, heat proofing chemical, insulation Karachi Pakistan and how a custom tailored solution can be made just for your application!