These ants are the largest found in Ohio and rank number one in inquires over all other ant. They’re a pain by their presence as found in parts of the house such as the kitchen, bathroom, lounge and other living quarters. They don’t eat wood, but hit numbers of it to enlarge their nest sizing, some of the times inducing structural harm. Winged males are smaller than winged queens. Wingless queens measure 5/8 inch, winged queens 3/4 inch, large major workers 1/2 inch and small minor worker 1/4 inch. Workers have a few brown on them, as queens are dark. Worker have large heads and a little chest while adult swarmers have a smaller head and large thorax. The leafstalk has one and only node and the profile of the chest has an equally rounded upper surface (workers only).

Lawn Ant

This ant nests in weel-drained, clay or gravelly soil and makes the well-known small anthills with a central entrance. Workers are almost 1/4 inch long, yellowish in color coming in lawns. Golf cones. Pastures. Under walks or stones and on trees. The belly is light tan on a darker brown ring on each section on the under and hind region. The head. Thorax and legs are slimly darker orange-brown than the stomach.