Bedbugs in Karachi Pakistan have a flat, oval shape body with no wings, and are 407 mm long. Their color is shiny reddish brown but after a blood meal they become swollen and dark brown in color. There are three stages in the bedbug’s life cycle: egg, nymph and adult. The eggs are white and bout 1 mm long. The nymphs look like adults but are smaller. All over evolution from egg to adult takes from 6 weeks to various months, depending on temperature and the accessibility of food. Both male and female bedbugs in Karachi Pakistan feed on the blood of sleeping persons at night. In the absence of humans they feed on mice, rats. Chickens and other animals. Feeding takes about 10-15 minutes for adults, less for nymph, and repeated about every three days. By day they hide in dark, dry places in beds, mattresses, cracks in walls and floors, and furniture they are also found behind pictures and wallpapers hiding places are also used for breeding.



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