German cockroach adults are To 5/8 inch long and brown or tan with two parallel black streaks behind the head. Unlike most cockroaches German cockroach female protect their egg cases by carrying them around. The egg case protrude from the body until the egg are nearly ready to hatch Each egg case contains thirty to forty egg that take about two week hatch. A female German cockroach may product one to seven cases during her life. German cockroach nymphs are about 1/8 inch long when they hatch and uniformly dark, except for a lighter brownish area in the middle of the body.We offer German cockroach Treatment and fumigation in Karachi Pakistan.

German cockroach are mainly found in kitchens and bathrooms around sinks and drains behind refrigerators and stove, and in cabinets, However, if sanitation is poor, German cockroach may be found in other places. Even though adult German cockroach have win& they do not fly.